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In a response to the need of the inhabitants of Eastern Antioquia, of having access to health services specialized in heart care, the Cardiovascular and Special Studies Institute Incare and Somer Clinic of Rionegro, took the decision to unite in order to create an Institution that would respond to these vital requirements and that would contribute to a better quality of life.

Currently, Somer Incare generates employment and development in Eastern Antioquia, and is recognized as one of the most complete cardiovascular centers in Antioquia, characterized by experience, technology and excellent attention.

That was how in 2004, the Somer Incare Cardiovascular Center was born, an institution whose social purpose was to provide health services in the cardio, neuro and vascular areas, by offering care with the best quality standards.


The Somer Incare Cardiovascular Center is located in the urban area of the municipality of Rionegro, specifically in the facilities of Somer Clinic. Just 15 minutes away is the International Airport José María Córdova, which is classified as the most important airport in Antioquia and the second nationwide.

Rionegro is the main town in the subregion of Eastern Antioquia, thanks to its innovation, development and the arrival of hundreds of national and international companies, which have turned the city into a center of growth and development.

A green environment and a mild climate are some of the main attractions of Rionegro and Eastern Antioquia, where you can also find the following tourist sites:

Natural parks: As the green environment is one of the main attractions of the subregion, Eastern Antioquia has to offer you a great diversity of natural parks, some of them are: The Tenquendamita Falls, where you can see a beautiful waterfall , while you are enjoying the typical dishes of the region; Los Saltos Ecoparque (La Ceja), where you will not only see one waterfall but several together and those with the green environment of Eastern Antioquia offer you an unforgettable sight; Parque Ecologico Los Salados (El Retiro), which offers you a natural environment to share with your family. And there are many other natural parks that you can enjoy during your stay in Colombia.

Guatapé and La Piedra del Peñol: It is situated at one hour from our Clinic and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Eastern Antioquia. It consists of a huge reservoir, where you can practice water sports or simply enjoy a spectacular landscape. Next to the reservoir you can see La Piedra del Peñol, which you can also visit.

Villages in Antioquia: The subregion has beautiful villages, characterized by tranquility, colonial infrastructure, gastronomy and the warmth of its people. Some of the villages that you can visit are: El Carmen de Viboral, La Ceja, El Retiro, La Unión, Marinilla, El Santuario, Guarne, among others.

In Eastern Antioquia, you will find a great diversity of places to visit, where gastronomy occupies a special place. You can find more about the region in: